27 March, 2010

Crimen Ferpecto (Ferpect Crime) (2004)

Just 'tanfastic'

Nominated for Jameson People's Choice Award European Actress (Mónica Cervera) and European Director (Álex de la Iglesia), and European Film Award Best Director (Álex de la Iglesia), European Film Awards 2005.

Álex de la Iglesia (The Oxford Murders (2008) manages a near-'ferpect' blend of genres with Crimen Ferpecto (Ferpect Crime) (2004) - a much lauded, much-awarded comedy-thriller of the blackest pitch. Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) has the world at his fingertips - a model fashion salesman, he is confident, arrogant, and is happily enjoying the women and freedom of a bachelor lifestyle. Naturally, he's had his way with the pretty sales girls who work, er, under him, all except one - the seemingly shy, ugly-duckling Lourdes (Mónica Cervera). It's all going great, until he is pitched against another salesman Don Antonio Fraguas (Luis Varela) for the position of floor manager.

But what should have been a breeze turns out to be much tougher, and he loses the job to Fraguas - a snide remark from Rafael prompts a scuffle between the two men, and Luis ends up dead. Though it is an accident, he is forced to cover up, but Lourdes, who has designs of her own on Rafael, is a witness, and realises that she can now decide what is best for her 'accomplice', which includes marriage and all the trimmings, naturally. Rafael's life has turned into a nightmare, which is not helped by Fraguas's seeming return from the dead - and he too is only too 'happy' to help...

All involved have so much fun with the set-up, it's simply impossible not to be carried along for the ride - Cervera in particular is excellent as the wallflower with a lot more to her than meets the eye, and the scenes in which Rafael and the dead Fraguas discuss tactics are simply sublime. You'd be hard pushed to find a more enjoyable, witty romp, and its combination of genres reveals Iglesia as a master.

Awards: Click here for details.

105 mins. In Spanish.

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