07 September, 2009

Blóðbönd (Thicker Than Water) (2006)

Blood bonds

Official Selection, European Film Awards 2006

An interesting if somewhat brooding feature-length directorial debut from Icelandic director Árni Ásgeirsson - a graduate of the Polish National Film School (which also produced one Roman Polanski), he is also jointly responsible for the screenplay, with Denijal Hasanovic and Jón Atli Jónasson.

The story is set in Reykjavik, where we find successful optometrist Pétur (Hilmir Jonsson) and his wife Asta (Margrét Vilhjálmsótter) about to have their second child. But things are set to change forever, when their 10-year-old son Örn (Aaron Brink) suffers a fainting spell during a game of football. A routine blood test is conducted, which reveals, in fact, that Pétur is not Örn's biological father. He subsequently walks out on his family, checks into a hotel room and takes to heavy drinking, at the same time beginning an affair with his secretary Anna (Laufey Elíasdóttir), who is almost 20 years his junior.

A strong cast and story with (a little) comic relief to offset the doom and gloom, with excellent cinematography from Tuomo Hutri. A director to watch.

Awards: Click here for details.

90 mins. In Icelandic.

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